New from Apple: Identify a Person to Unlock Your iPhone up

Apple has sought patents in a whole new way to protect his iPhone – identify an image to lock up.

Apple wants to change the way we protect our iPhone, iPad, etc. For that reason, Apple has applied for a patent on a lock-up function for iDevices.

As it is today, you can visit our site. use the pin-code, pattern, facedetection and similar, but Apple believes they can make it even more secure with a new concept.

In brief, the new concept goes out on that when you want to unlock your phone, you will be presented with a picture. It could URf.eks. be of a person in your phonebook. To unlock the device, you must either say or write the name of the person in the picture.

Each time you need to unlock the device, you will be presented a new image, which prevents that anyone can snoop on the correct answer.

Apple searched already in august 2011 for patent on the concept, but it has only been publicly last week, writes our site.

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