New Danish Puzzle Application Spiced with Sound Art

A new Danish application, there is a mix of puzzle and sound art, has seen the light of day. Read more about it here.

There are more than 775,000 applications in Apple’s App Store, which, in fact, reached the milestone with 40 billion downloads in 2012. And now there is come once to the Committee.

It is a Danish application, called PENTAPUZZLE, which is a combination of a puzzle and sound art.

The music is created by the acclaimed British producer and sound artist, Matthew Herbert, known for its cooperation with a number of well-known artists, among other things. Björk, Moloko, Ridley Scott and many more.

To get the full potential out of the amazing sound in the game invites you to play with a stereo headset.

Game PENTAPUZZLE is at once both simple and complicated – and you can improve your spatial intelligence through the game.

It has a unique puzzle piece navigation and interactive music. We have been playing a little with the game, as in the first rounds is very easy and we are missing some challenge, but hold your head high and proceed, the challenges come at least for us later in the game.

Download the game for free in Apple’s App Store and view the below video clip on PENTAPUZZLE. There is a possibility of a few individual in-app purchases, among other things. to get the advertisements removed.

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