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TEAC surprised Multiroom music lovers with new network players for every requirement: the WAP-8600 (500 euro) existing systems makes streaming-enabled, WAP-AX250 (550 euro) top model can replace them immediately thanks to integrated amplifier.

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A key advantage of network-based music systems is their ability to get the centrally collected on a computer or NAS music in multiple rooms. Where in the House there is network access – which means “everywhere” with reasonable effort – the complete collection is available at any time.

The player must not equal in every room look, don’t even come from the same manufacturer. As long as they speak the same language, about the network-Esperanto UPnP, a wide variety of devices to share a common music collection – from the high-end network player in the living room up to the portable Internet ROAR dice in the basement.

Streaming customers is therefore not long confined to only one room. And vendors that provide suitable player for a wide range of claims, are off the hook – especially if they follow even a common control unit. In addition to specialists in the Multiroom Sonos, Logitech and room box, TEAC also understands that – and ignites a small news Fireworks that significantly expands the in-house WAP model family.

So far was actually only the WAP-8500 (AUDIO 4/10) interesting for HiFi fans: a small network player, you could connect to existing equipment and upgrade thanks to the optical digital output with an outboard D/A converter, and who brought a practical touch screen remote control. Exactly it was from TEAC – and user’s perspective but also a weakness: lacked range the radio path between you and the network receiver, a dining room-WAP had no longer to control have often been out of the kitchen. The otherwise identical WAP-8600 connects now wireless with Wi-FI technology, which promises more stability. The music data can flow but still also via LAN cable to the receiver, connected to the remote control in this case on your own – there must be so no Wi-FI, to take the 8600 with the standard controller in operation.

No gaps: Teac dominated the network-ABC

Something he is so inconspicuous, makes the WAP-8600 but some large, expensive NetWorker: he dominated the interruption-free playback of full-length albums (gapless playback), navigated by fast forward and rewind comfortable within a piece and scours long lists quickly via extractable scrollbars or by full text search – lose alphabetically later this album title or band name their terror as well as in large collections.

The TEAC allows the same comfort as via network with USB hard drives plugged directly on the device, which he initially completely scans and then makes available for metadata (artist, album, etc.). In contrast to most players can absorb the 8600 USB: In Internet radio mode (exception: the personal music service AUPEO!, which it does not permit) submits pressure on the Red record button on the touch screen, and already the TEAC intersects with.

Sonically the 8600 is strongly reminiscent his predecessor 8500: tuned tonally rather warm, it provides neither the bass punch nor the clarity and detail more expensive players (about the Rotel RDG-1520, 1/2011). Also in his own realms of price must he give up, for example, a Squeezebox touch, this however has preceded the lower demands on the server side.

The 8600 prima to – preferably digital – connection to the main system, is suitable the WAP-AX250 single-handedly used in another room. Signage network amp in a plastic housing that is very precise and – quite noble acting contrary to the 8600 – you need only a couple boxes that may be also quietly somewhat sophisticated: its ICEPower amplifiers provide a whopping 125 Watts into 4 Ohms and are perfectly stable even at difficult 2-ohm loads (when then almost doubled performance). The AX-250 with the remote control of the 8600, which on the other hand be switched around with just a few taps of a player and theoretically unlimited WAPs can manage in this way is served. There is a synchronized party fashion here unfortunately (yet).

Additional controller – which does not necessarily have to come from TEAC bring independence for several users: the manufacturer has entered a VNC server to all WAP models, which conjures up the control interface 1:1 on the screen any computer with appropriate software counterpart (a VNC client available for all operating systems). This looks then not only better than on the somewhat sluggish official TEAC controller, but is also clearly fixer to operate (with the app “Mocha VNC Lite” on the iPod touch). Only for the initial Setup, the test device needed yet the TEAC controller. A utility to resolve this dependency in early 2011 – who wants to operate the 250cc solo may verify yet that before buying.

Operation of AX250 corresponds to the 8600 – tone controls and the really convenient way to control volume and mute buttons directly on the device without waking the controller for every addition attached on the back to extras such as a line input for connecting local analog sources.

As a special treat ver imbibed the AX250 instead of external USB disks also naked 2.5 inch SATA hard disks a. But he is not free (such as the Squeezebox touch) in the network, yet he offered other WAPs as server. It is used so only locally and from the PC using the USB cable (via a mini USB connector at the rear side of the WAP) be filled are.

The SATA slot that is ultimately not as exciting, it behaves with the built-in amplifier exactly the other way around. Although he included power supply turn-key of B & O bought to is – or precisely for this reason: the ICE Power Digitalamp makes the TEAC complete system so powerful that it was dangerous in the listening test, even noble systems like the Naim UnitiQute. The British streaming amp in particular contributed to smaller volumes natural, echoed voices with that combination of immediacy and subtlety that one senses intuitively as “real”.

The TEAC but not prevented, wide and room-filling, with dynamic jumping to and powerful bass in an extremely easy way to the experience to make enormous music. On challenging boxes and at higher volumes – even if it is not based on the classification – then anyway no priced comparable remedy against the AX250 had grown. Even though he is often purchased for the other room – from this WAP you can easily build a home system.

Measuring laboratory

The WAP-8600 provides ordinary distances of noise (95dB) and uncritically low output resistance (100Ω), but also very little output voltage (1,14V with fully rotated volume control), which makes him seem quite quietly compared to typical CD players in the laboratory. The jitter, which is even higher than when the first WAP-8500 (1200ps) with 1500ps is improvement. To prosper despite closely related technology, shows the WAP-AX 250 with excellent 185ps jitter over network as well as via USB.


The WAP-8600 can be in terms of ease of use quite in addition to Sonos and Logitech let see, is not very cheap but also – despite the rather simple processing -. A device similar to the WAP-AX250 not currently has the competition. As a UPnP streaming system a hot tip – is 250cc especially since, though it take with announced for early 2011, free setup software without the TEAC remote control into operation.


Manufacturer TEAC
Price €500.00
Rating 90.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

Dimension 15.0 x 3.0 x 12,0 cm
Weight 0.2 kg
Input RCA (number)
Output RCA (number) (1)
Input of digital opt. / coax / HDMI / /
Digital output opt. / coax /
Sound via HDMI
Balanced outputs
Image music Server
Output video (number) (0)
Output S-video (number) (0)
YUV output / HDMI /
Wi-FI / Wi-FI encryption / WPA
USB (number) (2)
Memory card slot
Type of memory card
required server UPnP (Twonky license included)
Display / color display /
Resolution 0 x 0 PX
Remote control / Adaptive /
Display / system /
Operating modes
Playback album / playlist /
Operation on the device
Display CD text
Internet radio / Vorgespeicherte stations (Internet radio) /
FM radio / station memory / 0
CD database Online
Data formats
Video formats
Audio CD / DVD
maximum sampling frequency
Good facilities and service, Aufnahmefunkt.
High jitter, not very elegant handles.
CD quality sound 90
Sound data reduced
Operation well
Processing satisfactory
Sound judgment very good 90
Price / performance well
tested in issue: 2 / 11


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