NAVIGON 40 Premium

For 179 euro, there is at NAVIGON already premium: the NAVIGON 40 premium offers especially visually a lot.

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The NAVIGON 40 premium has a very easily operated Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit on board, which reads the driver even SMS via text to speech. With its 4.3 inch display, it offers sufficient overview and space for the usual flood of feature, which is of course very extensively down the Premium Edition.

An innovation on Board of the NAVIGON 40 premium is for example the “active lane Assistant”, an animated lane. He will appear in multitrack fork, can work but slightly confusing, since the map and the wizard move different speeds and in different directions. Fortunately, NAVIGON leaves the user the choice whether he wants to enable the new functionality or rather relies on the veteran functioning.

These are complemented by an elaborate 3-D representation, a travel guide, but no premium TMC. The display representation of a NAVIGON acts 40 premium total very chic on the edges but something overloaded. Anyone who appreciates clear, simple steps, should look around more somewhere else, at NAVIGON configurator and feature friends at their expense.

Also the guidance is something confusing sometimes for inexperienced users, but the revised signpost displaying motorway fork, the card itself, and the 3-D representations are a feast for the eye. I’m glad that Narrator with the NAVIGON 40 premium in terms of precision and clarity still ranks among the best, what there is in the navigation world.

Thanks to the MyRoutes function leads the NAVIGON 40 premium on optimum routes, only the calculation is something in the length sometimes.

Data sheet

The read setting monitor contrast / angle /
Alternative route / manual storage function /
Show current street name / next /
Display distance / time to destination /
dynamic navigation TMC / TMC Pro / GSM / /
Color display / diagonal screen size (inch) / 4.3
Map / 3D /
Crossing / auto zoom /
Representation of the arrow / map can /
Route choice short / fast /
Route exclusion toll roads / ferries /
Speed dial / configurable /
Additional cards available
Number of special target groups 22
Travel guide function / include / Yes with lyrics
Custom POIs / POI warning function can be used /
Track info text & map /
Destination input house number / intersection / postal code / /
Destination entry POI location / destination /
Destination entry milestones
Destination entry letter suppression / selection /
Destination input map / coordinates /
Destination entry last destinations (more than one)
Target store editable
Interfaces BT USB
Total storage / memory space (MB) internally 4000
Connectivity accessories
Audio sound control / DSP /
CC / CD / MP3 / /
DVD-video / DAB / DVB-T / /
Email / SMS functionality /
GSM connection possible / integrated /
Telematics features analog / digital /
Image / video Viewer / camera / /


Test results
Equipment Cap 100 good (78)
Navigation 70 70
Communication 20 8
Entertainment 10 0
Handhabungmax. 150 very good (135)
Operation 60 60
Destination entry 60 55
System speed 20 20
Voice control 10 0
Guidance up to 150 very good (141)
acoustic guidance 50 50
optical guidance 75 69
Positioning accuracy 25 22
Route calculation MAX 100 very good (93)
Overland 30 30
City 30 29
dynamically 40 34
JUDGMENT Max 500 447 very good
Price / performance Very good
tested in issue: NC3 / 10


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