Hammer price: 99 Euro including TMC the NAVIGON is advisable for 20 easy all budget-minded.

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With 20 series NAVIGON completes its new, renamed range down – without a compromise. A central Europe map is so as well as a TMC receiver, which is already a house number at the price of 99 Euro for a branded device.

A 3.5-inch display

Restrict the buyer with a display of the slowly disappearing 3.5 inch class must be. This can put the small and lightweight NAVIGON 20 easy but also without any problems in your pocket and walk – a special pedestrian mode, which rotates the screen vertically, is available.

The menu is already quite closely. The already very rich NAVIGON interface is easy yet somewhat harder to control than on the larger devices when the NAVIGON 20.

What, however, good works, is the active lane Assistant, which is also displayed in the guidance on the map and in critical situations the last certainty is to be on the right track. Nevertheless, always a lot is going on on the display – “Easy” looks different.

In terms of features the manufacturer has not saved easy NAVIGON 20, as you can see, and so calculates also the smallest NAVIGON three routes to the choice, guides around traffic jams around, warns against excessive speed – and calculates routes itself via several intermediate across. The guidance manages 20 easy similarly safe as its big brothers, which is mainly due to the precise and loud voice.

The map is represented at a high level as usual, only the small display and the detailed playback cause more frequently, that part must concentrate, to read the information.

Many information

Who (and this device is so designed for it) not so often navigated as a beginner, who can be ever overwhelmed by the wealth of information. Who is on many details, however, which appreciates the sharp and clear representation of the map – and above all the POI icons used affectionately in scene.

The routes reach the NAVIGON 20 easy as accurately as the guidance, only on a corner in the inner-city route the NAVIGON needlessly not tragically chose a detour – but may be confusing in a foreign land. The dam bypass via TMC meets basic purposes only, but is well implemented in the software.

Thus the 99-Euro NAVIGON 20 is easy extremely well in terms of price / performance ratio.

Data sheet

The read setting monitor contrast / angle /
Alternative route / manual storage function /
Show current street name / next /
Display distance / time to destination /
dynamic navigation TMC / TMC Pro / GSM / /
Color display / diagonal screen size (inch) / 3.5
Map / 3D /
Crossing / auto zoom /
Representation of the arrow / map can /
Route choice short / fast /
Route exclusion toll roads / ferries /
Speed dial / configurable /
Additional cards available
Number of special target groups 22
Travel guide function / include /
Custom POIs / POI warning function can be used /
Track info text & map /
Destination input house number / intersection / postal code / /
Destination entry POI location / destination /
Destination entry milestones
Destination entry letter suppression / selection /
Destination input map / coordinates /
Destination entry last destinations (more than one)
Target store editable
Interfaces USB
Total storage / memory space (MB) internally 2000
Connectivity accessories
Audio sound control / DSP /
CC / CD / MP3 / /
DVD-video / DAB / DVB-T / /
Email / SMS functionality /
GSM connection possible / integrated /
Telematics features analog / digital /
Image / video Viewer / camera / /


Test results
Equipment Cap 100 satisfactory (70)
Navigation 70 70
Communication 20 0
Entertainment 10 0
Handhabungmax. 150 very good (130)
Operation 60 56
Destination entry 60 54
System speed 20 20
Voice control 10 0
Guidance up to 150 very good (133)
acoustic guidance 50 47
optical guidance 75 64
Positioning accuracy 25 22
Route calculation MAX 100 very good (93)
Overland 30 30
City 30 29
dynamically 40 34
JUDGMENT Max 500 very good for 426
Price / performance outstanding
tested in issue: NC4 / 10


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