Motorola Wanted to Make a Nexus 6 More Compact, But Google Has Demanded So

You’ve always thought that Nexus 6 was a device far too large for the standards that Google had used users of the Nexus range? Well, know that you are not the only ones who think so, since even Motorola wasn’t too convinced of realizing such a massive.

The news comes on the same admission Manso, in the words of Adrienne Hayes, Chief Marketing Officer of Motorola, which, during an interview, he reconstructed the events leading to the creation of the Nexus 6 we all know. Design by Nexus 6 occurred in a particular period in which the market was pushing more and more towards devices with large display, so Google wanted to stake everything on the construction of a Terminal “extreme”, so find out what the real needs of the market.

Although all realization of the Terminal has been left in the hands of Motorola, Google has imposed a kind of veto that led to the creation of a phablet from 6 “, while Motorola would have preferred to work on a Terminal more compact and far more similar to its previous Moto X.

Nevertheless, the final result was a smartphone of high standard, although excessive dimensions have strongly affected, negatively, on broadcast Nexus 6, giving Google the answer I was looking for: there is a limit to everything, even to the size of the display. In any case, Motorola were extremely satisfied with the work done with Google, saying officially that it would be ready to work on a new Nexus though was made this proposal.

The news looks certainly interesting, especially in light of the statements of LG’s own on the issue Nexus. Let us recall that the South Korean manufacturer has decided to retire, at least for the moment, the Nexus program because of the need to invest its resources internally.This is the official statement, however may hide behind other reasons, possibly related to some excessive diktat from Google.

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