MobX Play Stream Music to Your Car Radio (Product Tests)

TEST: MobX Play is a car cradle with built-in charger for iPhone that can stream music to your car radio.

We have on our site got a MobX Play in through the door. In brief is MobX Play a mobile holder that can be used to send music from your phone to your car radio.

Device transmitting music via an optional frequency, which is set on the radio, so the music coming out of the car’s speakers, instead of through the phone’s built-in speakers.

The first impression

The device mounts simply, anywhere in the car’s cabin, by help of a breech with strong double-sided tape.

On the back panel mounted the actual holder, which can be rotated and angled in multiple directions, so the phone’s display will be easily read from the driver’s seat.

The build quality seems solid and more places are the device covered with a rubber-membrane that causes the carrier to emerge more robust and exclusive.

Box with display

At the bottom of the bracket sits a small box with a display on the front and a plug on top that acts as a charger for iPhone 4S and less

(iPhone 5 have different connectors and cannot be used for this unit – A version for the iPhone 5 should be heading).

On the side of the box there is a total of four buttons — two on each side. The buttons are used to set the frequency in which the music is to be sent. Buttons works well built and of good quality.

At the top of the bracket is an entrance to a jack. When a phone is connected to the device must be a jackto-jack connector in the cradle and the other end plugs into your mobile phone’s headphone output.

Not only for the iPhone

MobX Play is not only reserved for Apple users with iPhone. The device can also be linked with other phones.

During the test, used iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy S III and Nokia Lumia 800 with Windows Phone 7.

At the bottom of the bracket is a USB connector to charge/power to the phone and the device. The power will be allocated to the unit via a cable to the car’s cigarette lighter.

There is also a line-out at the bottom, which can be used for direct cabling to auto radio, if you so wish.

Application – a little awkward to find a frequency that works

When the phone is connected to the availability of a frequency by pressing the “Scan” button on the page.The device finder now a frequency with minimal disruption, and the frequency appears in the display on the device.

Then set the auto radio on the same frequency and the music should now flow out of the car’s receiver ….. BUT-quite so easily goes it not.

The device has been tested in the Copenhagen area, where many local and national radios are fighting about the available frequencies. This means that there is a high probability of interference from other players.

If you follow user guide troubleshooting is the solution to the disturbance, to find a new frequency (no Danish user guide).

After 8-10 trials with new frequencies selected by MobX Play, failed to find a frequency without noise.

However, it is possible to adjust the signal strength from your device, but this method worked seemingly not in our test copy.

However, large and stubbornness by hard work we managed to find a frequency of auto radio, where there was no noise from other radios immediately.

MobX Play was then set on the same frequency (99.3 MHz), and now started the music from your phone to flow out of the speakers.

However, it is not what enthusiasts will call for a high-fidelity experience, but more a retro experience with past records in mind.

A light hissing could mostly be heard between the tones from the music, streamed via Spotify. The same result was achieved with another mobile phone and when playing music files downloaded to your phone.

Device promises not a hifi experience, and also because I took myself from using it for several days, despite the slight hissing from speakers.

Hands-free speech

Are you sitting in the car and listen to music via MobX Play gets you an extra feature, if you receive a call, or even want to call up.

MobX Play can also act as a hands-free set, by sending the sound from the phone out through the car speakers. The part of the communications function at an acceptable level, but still with a little noise and crunch on the line.

When it comes to send audio from a telephone connected to the MobX Play goes the button as well. The phone’s built-in microphone is used to capture the sound of the car’s cabin, which has several disadvantages.

Firstly, noise from the cabin easily mixed with the primary conversation so the soundscape for the recipient will appear cluttered and with many “what say you?” to follow.

Another drawback is the location of the phone in its holder. The phone is based on a small box at the bottom, which means that if your phone has the microphone placed at the bottom, the sound for the microphone will be blocked.

Thus there will be physically closed by the microphone, in the same way as if you were holding a hand in front of the microphone.

If you want to have hands-free conversation in the car, you can not compare the result with a somewhat more expensive fixed-installation kit or dedicated hands-free speakers.

Conclusion – good idea, but not without problems

MobX Play is well built, easy to install and simple to operate. The whole point of the product, however, little falls to the ground, when it is almost impossible to find a frequency without interference.

Thus not said that the product is useful, but it is important to know the device’s limitations and weaknesses.

That being said, the idea is the product really good – a wireless transfer of music to the car’s sound system. Unfortunately, the good idea a little falls to Earth, when, at the same time, must have a long power cable from the cigarette lighter to the device.

A passive holder with a jack-to-jack connection to the car’s aux-in (available on most car stereos) had given the same “tangles”, but with a much better sound – albeit without charging the phone.

MobX Play gets 3 out of 6 stars and can be purchased via our site to 599 crowns.

If you prefer the wireless transfer of music from your phone, then take a look at the HTC Car Clip, we have previously reported to the top marks.


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