Microsoft: Surface to Show the Capabilities of Windows 8

Web TV: Microsoft is with Surface been hardware manufacturer. It has happened, in order to demonstrate the capabilities of Windows 8.

Microsoft has so far had a business model where the software manufacturer delivered their product, our site. Windows, hardware partners (Oems), who subsequently stood for the production and placing on the market.

With tablet computer Microsoft Surface is the American software company thread in as a hardware vendor, just as Apple is it with the iPad.

Microsoft does not consider their actions will take the bread out of the mouths of their OEM partners. They just feel that Microsoft Surface is created, to show the platform.

-“We have started to produce hardware to display the platform to Windows 8. With Surface RT and Windows 8, we have the senarie we’d like to see, as a working tool and a consumer tool in a hardware,” says Marting T H

He lays emphasis on the fact that Microsoft is pleased to have a good partner ecosystem. Microsoft would not comment on whether or not they in the future will go more into the hardware production than they are at present.

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