Microsoft-Boss on Office for the iPad: We Must Look

Microsoft ceo Steve Ballmer is ordknap around the rygtede iPad-version of Office and points out that the work can be done via a browser.

Rumours in mobile and tablet industry are many, and one of the more persistent is an iPad version of Microsoft’s popular Office suite, including Word and Excel.

When questioned directly, however, it limited how much Microsoft ceo Steve Ballmer wants to deal with the speculation.

-“I have nothing to say about the topic. We are very pleased with the product, very pleased with the product we send in the marketplace, “says Steve Ballmer, according to our site and adds:

-“We believe that we have a product that gives really good sense. We give people the option to always use the Office through a browser, which is very important. And so we will have to see what the future holds. ”

Microsoft has launched its own tablets under the name Surface. The premiere in this country is just a few days away.

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