Mercury in Energy Saving Lamps

Mercury in energy saving lamps ? Yes, but do not panic when breaking an energy saving lamp. In the course of the ongoing discussion about the dangerous nature of the energy saving lamps, we show up a few facts and bring light to the actual harmless darkness around the “mercury driving” of the energy saving lamp.

Mercury In Energy Saving Lamps? Yes But…

Energy saving lamps contain mercury – this is no longer a secret. The mercury serves the function of the energy saving lamps. As a rule, energy saving lamps contain about 2 mg of mercury.
Mercury is, of course, also poisonous. However, the constant discussion about the hazardousness of mercury in energy-saving lamps is far surpassing the actual danger potential of the energy-saving lamp.
First of all, everyone should ask themselves how often in his life a light bulb has really broken? As everyone must admit, this has rarely happened before.However, the mercury can only escape in the energy-saving lamp when the envelope breaks. At room temperature the mercury becomes liquid and vaporizes. In addition to this, there are also mercury in many other household appliances, the problem of which has not yet been questioned by anyone. Why not? Probably because … NO-this barrel we will not open now…

Mercury In Energy Saving Lamps? Prevention Helps

We now know that the mercury can only escape if the energy saving lamp breaks. This rare spectacle can also be prevented by placing the energy saving lamp in a stable light. When you turn the energy saving lamps, you should also keep your desire in the fence, to conquer the heart of its offerings by the newly acquired skills from the weekend course “Juggling for Beginners”.So quite seriously: A healthy caution is always appropriate, while you are on the ladder to fill the ceiling light with flashlights. In doing so, one can then also ensure that the energy saving lamp does not fall from the hand to the ground.
If, however, one day a series of unfortunate coincidences were to come, and the energy saving lamp should actually split into the 1000 parts of the building’s own four walls, it is still “no panic”. If you follow the following tips you are then also on the safe side.

Mercury In Energy Saving Lamps? Useful Tips When Breaking The Energy Saving Lamp!

  1. No panic- the amount of mercury released is very low.
  2. Open the windows and vent the room
  3. Clean the gap with rubber gloves and disposable cloths and immediately dispose of the residues in the residual waste.We do not recommend absorbing the fragments.However, if you do, dispose of the vacuum cleaner bag immediately.
  4. If the fracture point was on a carpet, take a tape of adhesive and dab the smallest pieces with the adhesive side.Dispose of the adhesive tape immediately in the residual waste.

Mercury In Energy Saving Lamps? There Are Also Alternatives

If all these facts should still bother the legs with fear of the mercury in energy saving lamps, one can also rely on energy saving lamps with amalgam.Amalgam binds the mercury, so that the mercury is not able to escape outside the operation of the energy saving lamp. Such a technology have as one of the less energy-saving lamps on the market the lamps of ecobulb.

In addition, you could, of course, rely on LEDs, which are a bit more expensive but in contrast to the energy saving lamp without mercury manage.

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