Melodifestivalen Andreas Lundstedt


I get panic and måååste have your help!
my name is pernilla and I am in desperate help finding similar clothing that andreas lundstedt wore the Melodifestivalen!
These gray a little wider pants … beautiful grey shirt etc … where can I get these clothes or similar? can you help me?

my partner has not measure so good for a long time and I want nothing more than to make him happy … he reacted so strongly on these clothes and I want him to get them out of me, as a surprise.
I want to see him happy.

can you help me I would be sooo grateful.

Thank you best regards Roy

Hello Pernilla,
Of course, we want to help! Andreas Lundstedt, or Dandy Andy as he calls himself in Melodifestivalen has been abroad and shopped their attire, but hopefully this information can help you anyway.

The answer from Andreas press contact here:


Here is info about Andreas clothing:

The pants are Armani, Hugo boss shoes.
Shirt sewed Margaretha Julle.
She has sewn Funky black dresses, nun of fabrics purchased in London.

The suspenders were purchased at NK outfitter (street level). No particular brand.

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