Lowest Number of Complaints About Telephone Bills

The telecommunications Appeals Board received only 323 complaints in 2013, which is low according to new inventory.

The telecommunications Appeals Board has released its annual report for 2013, which it can be read that the number of complaints in the telecommunications sector is decreasing.

Throughout 2013 received the Telecommunications Appeals Tribunal 323 complaints, which is significantly fewer than the year before, with the number of complaints was at 474.

The annual report also shows that the processing time was shorter. The average processing time in 2013 was on 35 days against 76 days in 2012, writes our site.

It’s really encouraging that fewer customers will find reason to complain. I think to a large extent this is due to the fact that the companies have been good to handle the inquiries that come from customers when there are challenges with the products delivered, and most often will find the phone company and the customer a satisfactory solution together, “says Jakob Willer, Director in the Telecommunications industry.

The telecommunications Appeals Tribunal and the telecommunications industry in Denmark, set in 2012 focus on the complaint guide companies have a duty to provide consumers, and in 2013, the telecommunications Appeals Tribunal registered complaints, where after the Board’s assessment has not been given an adequate complaint Guide.

The inventory shows that in 29 percent of the resolved cases, the Committee has not given an adequate telecommunications organization guidance to the customer.

In this context, says Jakob Willer: 
I have noted that there are challenges in ensuring that consumers receive adequate complaint Guide. Of course, it is not good enough. I will take the issue up opposite the companies, so that we can quickly get geared up and ensured that consumers will get a proper guidance, as they are entitled to“.

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