Linn Akurate Power 2200

In the listening test the Linn Akurate distanced the predecessor Linn Akurate C 2200 (3950 euro) 2200 clearly.

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New power supply power

The Akurate 2200 differs from its predecessor C 2200 in addition to gold-plated conductors through revised switching power supply, which now bears the name dynamics. This step led but only to subtly more performance, but increased the power delivery capability. So, the Akurate is 2200 still load stable music pulses.

The circuit, a combination of power IC (TDA 7293) and two remains some bipolar transistors by declined. The Scots do this trick because they believe in the small range of the quality of the IC. But has a current limiting circuit that uses stronger music pulses. Therefore, the bipolar push-pull output takes over the Regiment, where power is needed. This works perfectly also the measured values of the Akurate documented 2200, determined by the stereoplay– TESTfactory.

In the listening test, the Akurate stunned 2200 with stable soundstage. Even on the relentless reference speakers Magico M5 (test in 6/09) not feeling arose, the amp would have this critical transducer not under control. While he showed many details, vocals as he had again the finest nuances of articulation. So, he distanced the previous 2200 clear C.

While the models were similar in tonality, because they both put on neutral tones, but the Akurate 2200 was about the guitar in Donald Fagens “Trans Iceland Skyway” (“Kamakiriad”, Warner) still lively and vivid sound, while the bass drum drier, at the same time rich pumped. Also in Kruder & Dorfmeister “Useless” (“the K & D sessions”,!) K7) showed the Akurate punchier and gave a black bass, told him what his predecessor a point more secured.

The Linn Akurate power amplifiers 2200 has been tested together with Linn Akurate Kontrol preamp in a combined test.

Linn Akurate 2200

Manufacturer Linn
Price €4250.00
Rating 55.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

Dimensions: per B: 38.0 x H: 9.1 x d: 38.0 cm
Weight: 6.4 kg each.
Measured values
RMS power at 8 Ω / 4Ω 115,0 / 213.0 W
Damping factor
100 Hz / 10 kHz
Signal to noise ratio 100.0 dB(A)
Standby consumption
Short conclusion The name of the PSU of upgrade Dynamics promises not too little. The Akurate 2200 is sound even livelier than its predecessor C 2200 and remains stable as a rock in the surf to critical speakers.
Sound Top-class
Sound points
(maximum 70 points)
Measured values
(maximum 10 points)
Practice amplifier
(max. 15 points)
(maximum 10 points)
Overall rating (maximum 120 very good 82
Price / performance Very good
tested in issue: 1 / 11


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