LG Pushes the Price of Optimus G down

The previously announced price of LG Optimus G does not meet. LG pushes the price even further down. There is also a set date on the sales start.

LG Optimus G is the next big smartphone-bet for LG. We have previously called the order a “power-Edition of Nexus 4”, and the first impression, after prolonged testing of a prototype, is tremendously positive.
Previously, LG announced that product without subscription will cost around 4,000 dollars. But the price keeps no more.

-“The price we will come out with, will be a price that is never seen in the market before. The price will be significantly lower than the previously announced 4,000 dollars, “says LGs Danish country Manager Morten Aagaard.

The head is not completely aware of how the negotiators precisely choose to price put Optimus G, but it is likely that the some places can be found all the way down to about 3,300 crowns.

Soon in stores

Originally, LG Optimus G planned for shopping-launch at the end of the first quarter, but this too has changed.

-“We go in the market Wednesday, 27. February, “informs Fenton from LG.

Optimus G comes on the shelves with, among other things, Telia, Call Me, 3 and Elgiganten.

LG’s new smartphone comes with Android version 4.1.2. LG will later publish plans for future updates.


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