LG: Optimus G Is on the Way in Stores

LG is on its way to the Danish market with a new top model, which is a next-generation version of the Nexus 4. Optimus G is in stores in week 9.

The new top model from LG has been in several countries since the end of last year, where it has gained a lot of praise along the way. Now it is strong on the way out in the Danish shops.

Optimus G is a new beginning for LG, which will strengthen their position in the smartphone market.

The phone is to be found in the Danish shops from the 27. February 2013, which means it is in stores at the same time as the world’s largest mobile trade fair is in progress.

The Danish operators have also taken nicely against the new top model from LG. it will be on the faces of our site from sales start, but later takes the TDC also phone into. This will be in conjunction with the is ready with their 4 g network. In addition, Optimus G come on the shelves with Call Me and our site.

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