Kidswear Trends 2016

Clothing girls, what’s new for spring summer 2016! Between floral prints and bright colours, here’s how the degrees maison interpret fashion for girls for the summer. Girls ‘ clothing trends according to the most prestigious brands talk about colors, but without excess.

It’s time to renew your wardrobe for children, especially for girls, certainly more attentive and happy to finally be able to wear lighter clothes and colorful. Fashion proposes special trends for them, and the season spring summer 2016 is full of floral prints. The big brands, for several years, creating the shows dedicated to children’s fashion, both for the clothes to Accessories, including shoes: some models of this season are to be missed!

The floral print, therefore, goes crazy, especially in dark tones with white background. Off then to blue in all its beautiful shades, highlighted by a background of white dress, cream or pale yellow. Bright tones but also discrete for girls, so when it comes to a print so particular that can always get too rowdy. The floral print stands out especially on dresses and sleeveless tops, while the t-shirts found all the joy of stylized prints of bears and animals. These short-sleeved shirts are definitely suitable for their leisure time, between games and summer fun. As always, cotton is the preferred fiber: allows the skin to breathe and does not create “hoods” of heat that could annoy much children.

The minidress are definitely the boss that is most pleasing to girls, and the big fashion houses well knows this! In this case it’s back to the romantic pastel tones and bright. Pink, baby blue, light yellow are the most fashionable shades even for special occasion dresses. For the shirts more “elegant”, which are also suitable for a summer ceremony, let’s come back brighter tones, like orange. This is because many homes have wanted to rework the classic women’s shirts tailored to teenagers, creating special links, such as those at Cape or bat-wing, “updating” bright colors and cheerful that colo children can afford it always.

There are plenty of little kid sundresses, embellished jewel details, nor skirts and shorts. The latter become absolute protagonists of free time, so much to find many cargo style pockets to fill with shells and many “treasures” found while playing outdoors. The girl’s skirts are solid, but with details like strips of tulle or jewel, while applications for skirts for everyone or days the press is abstract, almost always colored pattern on a dark background.


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