iPad-Children Lacking Imagination and Motor Skills

English teacher warns of overuse of tablets for children. Addiction and motor skills are among the problems.

Although tablets and smartphones can be excellent entertainment tools for children, so there is guaranteed demand for clear rules about consumption at home. Especially because they can be contributing to the lack of social skills.

This is precisely what more teachers in the English Trade Union Association of Teachers and Lecturers at the Union’s annual Conference warns against in the English City of Manchester. It writes The Telegraph via Jylland Posten.

Addiction will be precisely described as one of the main problems of overuse of tablets, and causes to children for up to four years of age do not have the motor skills to build with bricks. The concern occurs also in the light of statistics that show that the proportion of uk households which own a tablet is increased from 20 to 51 per cent since last year.

The criticism is supported in Denmark of the privatiserende psychologist Camilla B, who has previously written a post to the Policy. Here she just points out the importance of imagination and the human touch.

“The year is the most important in brain development, and the child need to be stimulated both by contact with other people and exploring the world on their own,” says Camilla B to Jyllands-Posten.

BUPL, the Danish Union of teachers, however, are not experiencing the same trend as on the other side of the North Sea.

“Among our members, we have not experienced any, sounding the alarm. Actually using Danish kindergartens also tablets, but it is with an educational aim. Tablet games can namely promote many abilities with, but it must of course be used with an academically and professionally, “says Allan Baumann, who is an Executive Committee member of BUPL.

It is therefore about a consciousness against the child’s usage, as well as to see the possibilities in using tablets as a tool among others, there can be at least as important.

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