IOS 8 May Built-in Shazam Music Recognition

New rumors suggest that Apple is working with the Shazam music recognition in the forthcoming about built-in version of iOS.

The London-based company Shazam is well known in the techverdenen for their apps for music recognition from your phone. It works by micro phone picks up the music and searching the net for the match. At the time of writing search results can already be used to find the number quickly in Apple’s iTunes music store or to services such as Spotify or rdio.

Now it is reported that Apple will cooperate with Shazam on built-in music recognition with iOS 8, which is the next operating system for Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It is furthermore foreseen that one should be able to ask Siri for help, to find the music. It writes Bloomberg via Cult Of Mac.

Since Apple introduced the voice controls with iPhone 3GS in 2009, the iPhone could tell what song is playing on your phone. After Siri’s arrival in 2011 is the same functionality continued, but it is so local music which is already playing on the cell phone, and not music as captured from the microphone.

Apple has not confirmed anything yet, so of course we have to wait and see what WWDC (Developer Conference) in June offers.


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