Humble Mobile Bundle 5 with Six Android Games Can Be Purchased Now

Save 100 dollars on this round button Humble Bundle games, six games with promised more for just under 30 dollars.

Then it’s time for yet another Humble Bundle for your mobile phone. This time you will get the first of three games, by paying what you desires. The number in parentheses indicates the current price of Google Play Great, so you know how much can be saved.

– Aralon: Sword & Shadow, a 3d role-playing game (27,19,-)
– Behind It, a puzzle game (6.0-)
– R-Type II, a classic arcade games (16.0-)

And three more games if you pay above average, as is on 5.09 dollars right now (button 28 crowns):

– The Cave, puzzle games (27,02,-)
– The Room 2, puzzle games (17,88,-)
– Carcasonne, Board Games (25.0-)

In addition, do you get by paying more than the average, the more games that are on the way. They would like to be published in the course of next week.

View a short presentation of the games below, and purchase them at Humble Bundles website here, if it has an interest.

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