Hugo Barra Disproves Any Global Launch of Xiaomi Mi 5, at Least in the Short Term

The presence of Xiaomi at Mobile World Congress 2016 through the presentation of the new Mi 5, has been a pleasant surprise for everyone. For the first time this manufacturer looks to Europe taking part in a rally so important. Xiaomi Mi 5 has definitely been able to impress and be appreciated by users, much to circulate many rumors about a possible marketing in new markets, including the European one.

Rumors have begun to be immediately accosted by fair stands, shortly after the presentation, and in many they hoped to the last, but unfortunately, a recent interview conducted with Hugo Barra himself, came the denial concerning a possible global launch of new top of the line, at least in the short term.

Xiaomi Mi 5 will be available in major markets where the brand is already present for some time, there are currently no plans for global expansion, although we will continue to look closely at other markets.

Slash continued, claiming not to have secret information cannot be revealed, honestly, even he is aware of how things unfold the future of Xiaomi commercially, although plans for growth are important. Europe and the United States are on the list for some time, but before working there is still need to be thoroughly familiar with the various needs of these two very different markets.

The demonstration in Barcelona has certainly helped to give greater visibility to the brand Xiaomi internationally, but it seems that at least for the first half of the year, there will be no surprises regarding further expansion of the brand.

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