HTC Hires the Man Behind Samsung’s Galaxy Advertising Campaign

Samsung Galaxy advertising campaigns have been extremely effective, now is the man behind them was hired as a consultant at HTC.

A problem like HTC itself has acknowledged, is their inability to promote themselves and their products, the latest, is it come to terms with their HTC M7 as of an incredible number of media was named the year’s best smartphone, but sales had been lagging far behind Samsung’s competing product.

HTC has officially hired Paul Golden, Samsung’s former head of marketing in the United States, as a consultant to the Board of Directors women’s Cher Wang.

In the meantime, with Samsung from 2008 to 2012 was Paul Golden-bearing one of the forces behind the publicity campaign that established the Galaxy brand as an alternative to Apple’s iPhone through a series of humorous commercials that made fun of Apple fans.

What it has is of importance for the HTC’s future advertising campaigns is not known yet, but one can hope that it’s the end of¬†hipster wash halls and tinfoil-clad catamarans.

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