HTC 7 Pro in the Practice Test

The HTC 7 Pro is the first Windows phone 7-device with QWERTY keyboard. The practice test shows how does the professional entertainment-phone feature?

  1. HTC 7 Pro in the practice test
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  3. Facilities

Who missed some variety with the previously featured smartphones with Microsoft’s latest operating system Windows phone 7, will welcome the HTC 7 Pro, which is available now for 569 euro without contract and SIM – or net-lock at O2. But also the prolific writer under the touchscreen smartphone users is HTC’s new litter.

Because pushing the display with a shiny metallic frame to the right, it is including a fully equipped QWERTY keyboard to the fore. With fully developed here seriously is to take, because in addition to special characters from the at up to the ß, everything on the backlit keyboard is available.

Even the diacritics used in other languages such as the accent circumflex ^ or emoticons can be reached via special modifier keys. Even HTC has forgotten the arrow keys for Secure navigation.

The correct written form is available for this smartphone so nothing in the way. The keys themselves would have tolerated but a slightly larger fillet. So, the objectives with the fingertips requires slightly more effort than about a Blackberry Bold or Nokia E72. The tactile feedback is again clearly.

In State deferred to nothing moves there, except in the direction in which the HTC 7 is to open Pro. From fully pushed the screen flips up easily. The joint is covered by an also moving screen. This is great cinema. But that in addition to the Visual grace counts also the benefit that HTC 7 Pro can be standing if a shrunken laptop before one on the table.

Keyboard and slide mechanism naturally take their toll. 18 millimeters in height and 188 grams, the HTC introduces everything in the shadow that had lately on the table, and it is not far away from proven sizes, such as the HTC desire Z and Motorola milestone connect 7 Pro.

Anyway, in the larger housing HTC has built the first time enlarged battery one compared to 7 trophy, 7 Mozartand HD7 by 20 percent. That would defuse the endurance measurements critical previously on HTC devices with the new Microsoft operating system.

A true Windows phone

The equipment meets the HTC 7 Pro the expectations aroused by the previously tested Windows phone 7 devices. A display with 3.6 inch and 800 times 480 pixels resolution brings content to the view. Thanks to Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, its capacitive touchscreen very quickly respond to input.

Eight gigabyte ensures a more than generous storage offer. The store can in extreme conditions but not as usual advanced via MicroSD card are.

A desktop sync to Outlook – a highlight of previous versions of Windows phone – is, however, not provided. Also loading Office documents on the device is not as easy as other operating systems.

Also otherwise competently implemented email client is still the most viable solution. Here connect from a Smartphone would expect more with Pro in the name.

The processing of documents makes a better impression then like many other components of the operating system. So not only the music player, the Facebook integration, and the browser can see, Flash is missing the latter but like the pedant of the iPhone.

Voltage on the laboratory

How the HTC 7 pro in our laboratory suggests, remains to be seen. The good results of his standing on the same technical basis HTC siblings with Windows 7 creates expectations here at the radio properties and acoustics. Especially since this time thanks to larger battery endurance levels also are likely to meet higher demands.

Fun communications

HTC 7 Pro delivers the first Windows phone 7 device that in addition to its qualities as a mobile and entertainment machine a base provides also users who want to communicate on the go via E-Mail, Messenger or face book, instead of limiting itself mainly to the recipient role.


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