HP Pre 3 in First Test

With the introduction of the HP pre 3, Palm has gone up finally in HP. But the third generation of a product can usher in a new start? The pre 3 in the first test.

Pictures may initially give the impression, that when the HP pre 3 compared to its predecessor Palm Pre plus not much has changed. But if you take the pre 3 in hand, must come to the conclusion that HP has done his homework.

Where Palm Pre and Palm Pre plus wakelig of the surface plastikhaft and the sliding mechanism of the keyboard and cheap worked, the HP pre 3 radiates a new value. The new rubber looking shells are good touch and remain unimpressed by fingerprints. the sliding mechanism is finally without any play.

A Smartphone must have this effect, that is to document its claim to higher orders.

webOS – a great operating system

Impressive from the outset, the operating system, multitasking was combined with speed and intuitive operation. Here succeeded in a great success, which could only fail that alone the rights holder HP equipment to bring.

That could stop app developers from this platform. What a pity, because with keyboard, multi-touch display and powerful multitasking offers the HP pre 3 best conditions for exciting applications.

This is demonstrated also by the previously installed software. The browser supports some HTML5 features like Flash 10.1 (Beta). With “Just Type”, you need to enter only a few letters of a Word and have appropriate programs or information on the device this combination appear, if necessary, the search will be extended to the network.

That the HP pre 3 from the system by the 1.4 gigahertz clock up the trendy radio interfaces and sensors to high expectations fulfilled extremely powerful Snapdragon processor over the 8 or 16 gigabytes of memory, of course almost by itself.

Seen are the way to success, now the Networked, the app developers, and last but not least the customers need to go yet.

In addition to the pre 3 has also the HP Veer HP in the portfolio.


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