How to Wear Holographic Clothes?

There are many trends that fell in the major brands, and as the retro wave is coming back, it brings back past trends in an interesting way. The holographic effect, which is also called “iridescent color” has swept the every field of the world. It was quite popular in the 1990s and it is so futuristic!

It has been trying to fill space among the other trends slowly, and starts to appear in accessories like purses and shoes.

Who’s not afraid to dare can try everything, and it can already be found in leggings, dresses and blazers.

Even being inspired in the 1990s, this trend is dramatically bold and futuristic.

In fact it comes after metallized fabrics, and it has already been present in many fashion shows around the world, as well as the fashion magazines and red carpet.

Holographic, actually, is a technique that gives depth to the shiny metallic fabric, creating a 3D feeling on the surface.

Brands like Burberry Prorsum, Stella McCartney and Jonathan Saunders have showed the proposal on the catwalk.
The coolest of this trend is the futuristic air that brings the prism brightness to productions, and it can be used both on the clothes and accessories.
For those who still have a concern whether it is safe to wear a whole holographic dress, skirt or pants, the tip is to start from accessories, such as bags and shoes, which give a discreet charm to the compositions.
But if you are dare to invest in this trend, you can choose jackets, skirts and pants, but you should always combine it with neutral pieces.

Are you ready to invest in this trend without?

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