How to View IP Camera on Mobile Phone

Visualise camera video surveillance on his iPhone … It’s possible.

Our site offers by this article, to explain in a few lines, how to view your IP camera on your Iphone.

For this, you must already an IP camera, of course. But she choose in the “Videosurveillance by Iphone” of Our site  because you will find only IP cameras are compatible with your phone. These are IP cameras that require no installation on your mobile, because as you know, the iPhone is allergic to any facility that does not pass through their appstore.

According to deluxesurveillance, this camera IP will be connected as all IP cameras to your box (Livebox, Freebox, neufbox, etc.) with an RJ45 cable, or even WIFI.

Local connection:

If your iPhone is conect WIFI at that box, your IP camera is already available on your mobile. Just for it to open SAFARI (WEB iphone browser), and type address as the IP address of your camera (eg Our site). You enter your login and password and voila. Without additional software.

Remote Connection :

As you can see, for a connection from the world, the procedure is the same. Only the address typed changes. You must type in the IP address safari of your box (if you do not know, you tell Our site), followed by the port that you have previously opened in your box (eg Our site). Nothing easier.

2 Points to watch:

  • Although open port of the camera in your box
  • Ensure that you have a fixed IP address. If it is dynamic (changing almost every day), you will find here how to counter it free.

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