How to Search on Words without Input from iPhone [Tip]

A selection of words can easily be made into a search online, using this tip for Apple’s iOS devices.

Apple has not developed since the launch of the iPhone world on the keyboard that is loved and hated by many users worldwide. Therefore all tricks are usually welcomed with open arms when it comes to facilitate everyday life with the entry.

Since iOS 5 was launched in 2011, has Apple’s iOS devices had built-in dictionaries, there in a snap can help to clarify the meaning of words. Using this “Define” function, we can also search for the word/words on the net, and I will now demonstrate below.

First and foremost, we must just have found a word that we want to search for. Today I’ve found a word on the mobile page’s website which we provide us with:

-I press and hold your finger down to the floor will be marked by the bubble all iOS users probably know.

-Then press I “define”.

-My iPhone says now, that there is “no definition found” so I choose “manage” to download the appropriate dictionary.

-Here, I choose “British English”, and therefore on download logo pressed furthest to the right next to the name.

I search again on the floor from the mobile site, so will now get an English language explanation that can help with the understanding.
Note: Unfortunately, there is no Danish translation available.

-Is the built-in dictionaries is not sufficient, then the button “Search Web” so do a quick search of the selected.

Note: the search will be done from the search engine selected on the device. Do you want to do it, you can use the Mobile page’s previous Tip: decide which search engine to use on your phone.

Today’s tip works in all places in the system where you can “Define” function above. Such as Safari, Mail, notes, etc.


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