How to Quickly Looking in Chrome Browser on Android Falcons [Tip]

Google has updated their Chrome browser for Android phones, so the Falcons look now has been given an easy-to-use location.

In this Tip: take advantage of your smartphones Falcons eye, have previous graphic, how to from your phone, search for specific words on a website, so zooming and panning can be kept to an absolute minimum.

On Android phones, it has been necessary to use the menu settings. In a general effort to remove it needs, so have the familiar “Find in page” feature now kept moving day, so the function acts as on Apple’s iOS devices.

-The search going on now know that you hit the address field, and enter the word you want to find on the website.

-Examine the results, you will be able to see the icon for the “Find in page” function. Press it.

-Next you will easily be able to jump between the featured, by use of the arrow keys at the top right corner.

The function will also still appear under the menu settings in the browser.

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