How to Hide Tattoo on Wedding Day

Tattooed Bride: here are some tips for wedding day! The most classic tradition wants that the bride is elegant and delicate, Ethereal, obviously without tattoos. This Convention, however, seems to be overcome because the tattoo is becoming increasingly fashionable, whether it be permanent temporary tatoo. Let us see some advice for those who want to display or hide their tattoos in sight of the wedding!

You have to get married and want to show off or cover your tattoo? If you already have a tattoo and you’re getting married, know that today have some tattoos is quite common and widespread among modern brides. Therefore, unless excessive or offensive to the sacred place where the ceremony, there’s nothing wrong with wearing these indelible designs on their skin. However, the speech becomes more complicated when tattoos are very large or you have a certain embarrassment in showing during the ceremony, but even in such cases there may be some practical solutions to be adopted for mask tattoos effectively.

For example, if your wedding day you want to have a white skin with no sign or tattoo on the body, the solution might be to use of products for make-up good coverage that will cover designs tattooed. On the market, for example, you can find valid products very effective, such as Dermablend Foundation of Vichy, to be applied on the body or on the face (that is, just about tattoos to hide). Of course, also apply a translucent powder Fixer to cover the tattoo and let them help in the application of the Foundation at the beautician to trust, to avoid dirtying the wedding dress and create unsightly stains.

Otherwise, if your tattoos you want to conceal are right on the arms or shoulders, you can choose to wear a red wedding dress with a shawl (see or bolero jacket. Of course, if the drawings are on other areas of the body, you can opt for a long wedding dress or covered to hide them in the right places.

If, however, you don’t want to cover your tattoos for the wedding but want to make the most of them gracefully, you can always opt for dresses that show or highlight with elegance. In this way you can opt for low-cut dresses, sheer or transparencies in place. Also, if your tattoo is discolored after so many years, you can always decide to do remodeling, fixing an appointment from your tattoo artist trust, obviously in the months leading up to the ceremony.

There is, then, even if you decide to get a tattoo on the occasion of the wedding, maybe similar or equal to that of the companion. In this case everyone to enjoy is a must, just as proof of love!Finally, if you like tattoos but don’t have one and you want to surprise everyone with something unusual and striking, you may choose to attach to the skin one or more temporary tattoos, maybe in Swarovski or gold (in Commerce there are really interesting, as for instance those of Gold Since Jewels). These temporary tattoos on your skin will become real jewels and they’ll be chic and modern at the same time!


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