How to Dress When You’re Thin

You were many to wonder an article that might help you to well dress size 34, 36 and 38. First of all, thank you for your messages of support! Being thin while being well proportioned can sometimes give a headache. Whether you rather I or H, follow my tips to finally invest in the right parts that will highlight your figure.

1) Engendering the silhouette

Because you feel like a child-woman, (which can be very cute) but not necessarily what you want every day, the goal here is to get closer to the figure in X. It is the figure of the femme fatale with chest and hips developed and defined waist. If you do not know your body, read my article to dress according to her figure .

If you are reading this article, you must be an I or an H.

The I is the most petite of any figure. You and your svelte frame is rather angular, your waist is slightly marked. Your body looks like that of Kate Moss (and yes, you are far from complaining!), But you can have the impression of floating in clothing size 34 and not finding anything suitable, if n ‘ is the tomboy look.

If you have a silhouette in H, you have the characteristics of the figure I but with a frame a bit stronger. Your size for mini summer dress is also very pronounced at EDUCATIONVV and your hips and shoulders are aligned. You are well balanced and proportionate. Your figure is right, like a “rectangle”, you are thin. Good news for you, you have the silhouette of the beautiful Demi Moore.

Do not despair, your silhouettes are perfect! You just have to add some feminine touches to your outfits to put your assets by emphasizing the size and creating optical illusions . You must “add” volume where they are lacking.

2) Create volume where it misses and emphasize the waist

Lose your bad habits, do not wear any piece that can accentuate your “verticality” . In the search for a more feminine silhouette, it most seeks to highlight “horizontality” of the figure: the hips, buttocks, chest, waist …

The parts do not wear because they make your figure look even more slender:

  • The deep V collar tops that reinforce this idea of ​​
  • The necklaces that lengthen the silhouette.
  • The slinky mini skirts that are too focused on your slender legs and small buttocks.
  • The thin straps that accentuate your fine bone.

Look above, both black and white pictures of Kate Moss and Demi Moore. Secure their styles, they choose the one and the other parts for their perfect silhouettes. Kate Moss covers a deep draped creating a mass of matter and therefore volume, Demi Moore opted for a strapless ornate stone which redraws its curves: the chest is highlighted and you see the effect of the movement of otic pearls that draw as a curve in X? They were right and their manners feminine tomboy through these parts.

The parts you need to bring are well-cut pieces , not too large (you drown in boyfriend style!), Nor too tight-fitting. They are just and your size. They also play textures (lace, fabric reliefs …) and colors to bring the volume to your look wherever you want. If you do not know how to combine the colors together, read my articlehow to wear color.

Examples of items for you:

  • The balls skirts, pleated, tutus, skaters. They put forward your size and texture with fabrics, linings or the many prints and ruffles that bring “a mass” of tissue where you need them. Try them, you will feel more woman on.
  • Short jackets that stop at the waist or just above and right are cut to give you that little bit more rock and put your size value.
  • Arched dresses and jackets, who like their cup suggests tighten waist seam at the level to be closer to the silhouette X.
  • Jeans, shorts and high-waisted skirts are also preferred to tighten the waist and make it look small pinup always very feminine.
  • Long skirts and wide trousers (tall) are also right for you because they provide flexibility and volume to the silhouette.
  • The clam necks, round or square with draped effects or embellishments, the key is to dress with elaborate shapes and textures. The white shirt.
  • Bustiers, notched the dresses in the back, round collar sweaters in the back, they highlight your back, shoulders and neck.

3) Draw attention thanks to the right accessories

Accessories are style, so do not forget when preparing your outfits! This is the right accessories to wear when you are petite:

  • Reeds: The rods provide volume and fullness to the silhouette while highlighting your slender wrists.
  • Belts: To choose tall, thin or thicker in order to your size in value and feminize the silhouette
  • Decorations: Do not hesitate to adorn your body where you want to bring a little light with pins, headbands, belt buckles …
  • Faceplates: This is the perfect necklace for you, he will dress your wearing of head and your torso as a person and brighten your menu bust.
  • Shoes: Choose a heel not too high when you want to wear heels so as not to jump over the silhouette. Moccasins, ballet flats and sneakers are your allies!If you do not know how to associate your sneakers to your outfits, read my article how much wear sneakers.
  • Stoles and scarves: They will create an optical illusion of volume at the bust through the fabric. Choose them in bright colors to good effect guaranteed mine!

) Think harmonies and details!

Of course the above list is accurate, how to compose an outfit?

Remember that style, we play harmonies cuts and colors.

In your case it is best to assemble a strong piece in a single piece keeping in mind the size of mark:

  • Returning her up in his low tall
  • In encircling the waist
  • Wearing bent parts tightened up view waist

Think “outside the box” and associations volumes. Do not assemble two large rooms in the same outfit!

Wear such a skirt textures ball and patterns with a simple white T-shirt with round neck tucked into the skirt to emphasize the waist. If you wear skinny jeans, add a blurred tunic top to create volume on top of the silhouette then cintrez all with a man’s jacket to be slightly at the waist. Depending on the occasion wear sneakers or escarpins.Associez a long, diaphanous skirt with a bustier.

What the main disadvantages of your figure I or H? Feel free to ask me your questions and make me your feedback in the comments, share your good tricks to enhance your figure!

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