How to Dress for Your Body Type

To enhance their physique, you first need to know him. The curvy women often have more strengths, but they can’t give the right emphasis, convinced wrongly that it is necessary to cover or infagottarsi to give less conspicuous. There is nothing more wrong: enhancing the body corresponds to feel more beautiful and look more beautiful. Here’s how to tell if your body shape is to Apple, PEAR, Hourglass or a rectangle: when you find the one that reflects, you only have to learn the little tricks to get even more fascinating.

Female in Summer Dress

You have a magnificent silhouette, statuary, very proportionate. The breast and shoulders are larger than life, however defined, which in turn is wider de flanks. The legs are slim. All these are wonderful strengths, because there are many styles that flatter when wearing a summer dress.


–Extend the neck line with V-, U-sweaters, shawl or with round and wide necklines.
–Reduce your breasts by wearing turtlenecks and wrap cardigans.
–Balances the upper body, the larger, with dark jerseys and pants or skirts.
–View the curves with dresses shaped and screwed, with flared skirts, dresses with belts and pencil.

Pear-shaped woman

Do you have a silhouette from dea! Your strengths are breast and upper body smaller hips and a defined waist create curves that evident, accentuated by the lower part of your body.


–Wide round neck and shoulders by wearing necklines, visually boat, turtlenecks, jewels and V-necklines.
–Accentuates the curves with pleats, frills or Extras, clothes and knitwear conformed. Define the waist with belts, empire-waist and cuts.
This gives you a great deal, so include it – pencil in the wardrobe. You’ll always be beautiful with dresses screwed, flared skirts and soft.
–He stretches his legs with soft trousers or jeans to balance out the top and bottom of the body.

Hourglass woman
Your massive

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