How to Disable or Block Access to the Computer’s USB Ports

Uff came July, he spent half of the year, Christmas is just around the corner, the worst blog already fulfilled a year and no time to celebrate, win or not.
This blog is complicated, by the time I say, should be the time in the world to write something decent, which treatment (eye treatment) do it, but hey, the trip continues and the blog too, hoping to meet for at least two years, that is the idea so I will continue writing despite interruptions according to

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Well, well let’s the subject main, that is what we really want, as blocking your computer’s usb ports is not very complicated the issue, something simple, there there around topics about the matter, bone than anything new under the Sun, but it is something important, especially if you have siblings or friend (a) s jod…, forgiveness filled with viruses your computer with their USB sticks infected God knows where, of the most diverse, varied and select computer viruses, also want to block port maybe so that your files, “pics” and “videito” are not carried to another PC.
you have the solution here:
Only for Windows Xp or Windows 2000
1. Click Home – > execute.
2. in the window type regedit and click to accept
3. find the following and then click here:
4. on the right side, click double to Start.
5. in the Edit DWORD valuewindow, write the number 4, click Hexadecimal if it is not selected, then click OK.
6. close the registry and restart PC

Now if you repented and want to unlock the ports, do the same but placed the number 3 as in the graph above.
Another issue is how to protect the USB stick of strange bugs, ahh so visit my old post 🙂
Try not to do anything more than it due to the windows registry, because if not, poor handling and they fail… the windows and go to remind out the mommy to the author of the post and as to this situation don’t like me for anything:).

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