How Can a Girl Dress Like a Boy

Leather jacket, costume or hipstermössa? How do they want us to look like, anyway?

Fashion and clothing is very much about getting the right type of attention and to portray himself as it wants to be perceived. Usually, there is also an interest that will emerge if attractive to the opposite sex (or same sex if the man running the race)
But how would the girls to guys to dress anyway?

This guide is the effect of numerous discussions, interviews and q & a sessions with our favorite women. In combination with our article on the 5 classic style Miss , this is all the answers from GLOBALSCIENCELLC you need to the question “How do girls that guys should dress?”!

1: Berry color, but just right

Color seems almost taboo-subject here in the cold north. Black and gray dominate the total of all collections, year after year. You would think that we are so craving for sunlight and heat would choose the warm and lovely colors, but not.

Color has the magnificent property to highlight your various moves, and introduce yourself in the most attractive way possible. Color makes you far more interesting and makes you look urbane. Reasons to wear color is good and plenty. But if none of the above convinces you so you should know that women really want men wearing color.It will make your outfit more thought-out, more interesting, warmer and more inviting, so drop that black sweater or shirt.

A good start to getting more color in your wardrobe is to read our guide to by colour-matching clothes.

2: Invest in Nice jeans

Jeans are one those garments that have all but where it really is visible if any thought after. A little too saggy jeans signals clearly that you don’t even care about something as basalt that how your most useful pants sits. It gives people around a fairly clear picture of lack of thought in your attire.

Well fitting and stylish jeans is actually nothing that must cost £ 250 . A pair of good jeans are from 600kr. And remember, the most important thing is how they are and that the color is not completely off.

As usual, I just want to flag that I am aware that all of this sounds incredibly shallow, but what the hell should I do? The world is superficial and the day man no longer from the enormous benefits of thinking on their exterior, then we will stop coming with “superficial” tips.

3: Whatever you wear with confidence is neat

Yes, almost in all cases. Confidence, however, is always interesting, and interesting is good enough sometimes.

4: Do Not Attempt too much

Never try to be more than what you really are. It’s not about how much money you have or what job you have, it’s about what you can wear with confidence and in a convenient way. Just because something is inside so you should not force it on you, you will for example not to follow trends too hard.
Are you unsure about which of the new trends that suit you, you can always safea with classics. Classic is always neat and fit as good as always.

5: Don’t underestimate the classics

That said, the classics are classics for a reason, and when they are carried out with confidence, well color matched and with a good fit, they are unbeatable. And women like unbeatable things.

So if you feel like your wardrobe after reading this, you should at least keep an eye out for these 8 things.

  1. A blazer
  2. Well fitting jeans
  3. A leather jacket
  4. T-shirts that fit perfectly
  5. A button-down shirt
  6. A knitted sweater
  7. A nice pair of sneakers
  8. A couple of well cared for footwear

Do you have these things in your closet so you have a good base to build from, a base which appreciated by women.

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