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After trying a long time Honor 5 x I wanted to do a ‘ step back ‘ and picking up 7 Honor, motivation you gave you too in the comments of the review of the first, asking many which could be better of the two. Belong to two different categories, it is clear, if the hardware is more or less similar, the sizes are different and instead Honor 7 is for me to the limit, before being considered a phablet, such as 5 x.

We know them well either, so I won’t reiterate too many technical details that you may find in their comprehensive reviews (Honor 5 x and Honor 7), in a video of 5 minutes I wanted to examine quite fundamental points 10 ‘ that prefer one or the other. Let’s see in detail:


The difference is substantial, albeit one of the diagonal of the panels is only 0.3 inches overall is more than obvious: 143.2 x 71.9 x 8.5 mm to 7 mm x 8.15 x 76.3 151.3 and Honor to Honor 5 x. Curiously, the weight is the same, to witness a breakthrough in the design of the latter.

The advantages and disadvantages are subjective. If we think of taking and managing the UI with one hand, it is not easy on either but with 7 Honor and certainly easier, but it is also true that the surface available for 5 x is greater. This means more space all items, video more pleasant to enjoy on a 5.5 inches, and the same is true in the game (as long as they turn to duty).


Both panels are of IPS LCD full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels), change the pixel density and the difference is really impossible to appreciate (PPI, in favor of 424 against 401 Honor 7). What amazed me is the white point: both can be adjusted using the tool in the settings of EMUI 3.1, but on Honor 5 x more to tend, more cold light yellow whites of Honor 7.

Good colour reproduction and brightness, also outdoors, blacks in the 5 x seem however stretch to dark grey if placed alongside his younger brother.


Pointless to prevaricate, in my review of Honor 5 x I found that the Terminal is not as fluid and agile, mainly by shifting the blame to EMUI 3.1. It will be for the different hardware platform, and a Mali GPU that seems to offer more processing power, but everything is done faster and 7 on Honor without any uncertainty and its great advantage is mainly given by the 3 GB of RAM available.

Overall better then turns 7, its RAM becomes saturated and hardly even during the game you can see the difference, but that aspect I will discuss in the section below. Praise due then to Huawei for its Kirin 935, able to hold his own in every way the Qualcomm Snapdragon 616 mounted on Honor 5 x (octa-core configuration in both big. LITTLE).


Only 100mAh of difference between the two, Honor has really done a great job on both realizing balanced terminals (157 and 158g) and able to get into the evening without any major problems. As mentioned also in video, in Barcelona I used 7 Honor like hotspot almost everyday, so 4 g/3 g signal always on and tethering on even for 13 consecutive hours.

I haven’t really encountered differences, have both a great autonomy and with normal use, you can also get to lunch the next day taking advantage of the different energy-saving options. In the video I used software that simulates web browsing, video playback and gaming for 37 minutes, both departed with 99% charge and eventually concluded with 92 (Honor 7) and 94% (Honor 5 x).

Back Camera

On the media front you see the biggest differences, the Sony image sensor IMX230 of Honor 7 from 20 Mp makes much better under all conditions, work better optics (6 lenses) with a faster and more accurate focusing. Is based on an improved bokeh effect in macros and a generally much higher level of detail.

For those who like more saturated colors will be happy to know that Honor 5 x is more predisposed towards these shades with its image sensor Mp Sony Exmor RS 13, unlike the 7 which is more faithful to reality (not necessarily a good thing for some, who like more intense colors).

To give you a better idea I made the crop by two shots from the same location and I isolated the same portion of the field:

Front Camera

Honor tried to pick the 7 to give something more to the leaves by placing a ‘ flash ‘ front, but those Dim front light doesn’t help much. We appreciate the effort but we must do more to impress customers. Overall the front camera of Honor 7 from 8 Mp is good, sometimes however it seemed overexposed and affected are also the colors.

The form of Honor 5 x is one of the weaknesses, as pointed out earlier, the colors are very saturated but more faithful to reality, the sensor is dimly lit and the selfie not really exciting.Average for the category, if you aspire to something more then you better think of something like Sony Xperia M5.


The quality of main camera 7 Honor is reflected in the video recording, as you can see directly from the demo video below this terminal provides higher overall quality. Finer detail but primarily higher brightness, even when backlit, providing details that instead Honor 5 x lets down the street.

Good for both the speed of adaptation when changes the brightness, better focus and the bokeh on Honor 7 which, however, is lost in excessive jitters. Neither optics has stabilised, but on Honor 5 x software compensation is significantly better. To you the last judgment.


Honor 7 mounts a Wi-Fi module 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac and this reflects better stability of the signal, at least from what experienced during this time. Difficult to talk about tangible differences when entering this field, clear that the standard ‘ ac ‘ offers more assurances than the 802.11 b/g/n form found on Honor 5 x.

Same goes on the road, both have 4 g but only Honor 7 offers the possibility to go beyond the wall of maximum connectivity available today in Italy (225 Mbps) thanks to a modem cat 6 (up to 300 Mbps downlink and 50 Mbps uplink). Hard to really detect differences in normal conditions, even on Honor 5 x you can travel in 4 g + up to 150 Mbps (category 4).


The Mali-T628 MP4 amazed me, it will be for the 3 GB to support but experience gaming offering on Honor 7 is more fulfilling in terms of performance. I tested three plays: Modern Combat 5, Sniper Fury and Asphalt 8, on the first two the Mali offers greater fluidity during gameplay, while leaving some frame too among the ‘ roads ‘ of Asphalt 8, where more visual effects that are paid with some shots too.

On Honor 5 x the experience is still rewarding, especially because I like to play with a Panel from ben 5.5 inches with good resolution. Asphalt 8 runs like a dream, you should stick, ever, which happened to me repeatedly about Sniper Fury.

Both have the speaker at the bottom on the left, it gets covered in a moment when playing in landscape mode and it’s something that from my nerves.


Inevitable that Honor 7 has objective advantages, but everything you pay and the final cost is a factor, perhaps the first, who leads the user to purchase. Honor 5 x the is about 229 and has just been released, we’ll see him too close to the wall can be then of 200 € in a few months. For those who don’t want to many compromises and want a purebred midrange then that you put your hand on your wallet because to Honor 7 you spend more than $ 100.

Note: I haven’t purposely spoke software (EMUI 3.1), virtually identical, focusing as well on topics more ‘ hot ‘. Soon will receive Android 6 and updating dedicated to them with the 4.0 we will revisit this topic EMUI.

  • Huawei Honor 5 xis available online from Media World a 229 euro. The value for money is good but there are 5 better models.
  • Huawei Honor 7is available online from eBay for 299 euros. The value for money is good. There are 7 top models.
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