Here’s How You Can Keep Valentine’s Day Via Your Phone

TIPS: Valentine’s Day is the lovers’ day, but we not only provides tips for you who are in relationships-but also to what you can do to this day, if you are single.

Valentine’s Day, which is celebrated around the world on 14. February, is also called “the lovers’ holiday”. And it is known that the couple exchanging cards, flowers, chocolate or other forms of gifts on the day.

In Danish the auspices, it is a relatively new tradition, and it is also far from everyone who has taken it to heart, but around the world it is a very old tradition which particularly have a field day in America. 

Many Danes have, however, also the view that Valentine’s Day is really just is invented by florists, etc. who see it as an additional opportunity to earn good money on this day.

However, one thing is certain and that is that in various application stores are a pile of Valentine’s applications. Some better and more useful than others – and even also games are gone in Valentine’s mood.

What Valentine’s Day decorating, applications, etc. that are “must haves”, we come with our bid on including. Do you have any other suggestions – so you can write these in the comments box below.

Our site

Application from our site is a “must have” for anyone who is either in love or just want to give flowers, wine, chocolates for a the love on this day.

It can also be parents, good friends – and therefore need not only be the same special someone.

You can download the application for free in Apple’s App Store and Google Play Large.

Our site

Valentine’s Day is like most of the “lovers’ day”, and you have therefore not a “special one” – then you can consider whether you should jump into the dating life. You can download the largest dating site .com’s application.

You can access your mail, your matches and much more at our site (However, you must be a member).

The application is free to download in both Apple’s App Store and Google Play Great, but requires you are a member on before you get something out of it.

Valentine’s Day Music Radio

You have invited your boyfriend or him/her home to romantic cosiness with some good food, but lacks some music that can make the mood romantic.

Application Valentine’s Day Music Radio allows you to listen to the best love-songs.

You can share your favorite numbers on Facebook and Twitter, as well as view the song title or album art – so you can always find the song again. It can of course be in get your “own” song that day.

Ye shall fall asleep arm-in-arm to the romantic music, then there is a possibility to set the sleep timer.

The application makes it possible to buy music through iTunes Store afterwards.

The application is free to download in Apple’s App Store.

Our site

Have you and boyfriend problems with waiting for in coming home and “get a room” sound familiar? So this application is indispensable.

You can quickly and easily get an overview of what available hotel rooms, which are in the vicinity – and even book directly from the application. There is also often a bit “last minute” rates, which perhaps takes 10 percent of the price.

You can download the application for free in both Apple’s App Store, Google Play Great and Windows Phone Large.

Tom’s Love Letters and Angela’s Valentine

Send beautifully designed Valentine’s cards for your loved ones. It is Talking Tom and Angela that adorn the cards, and their puppy love sprouts. You can choose from nine different cards, three different songs and you can even choose the text you want.

The maps can be shared via Facebook, Twitter or email, so you can choose whether the greeting must be between you and the lucky – or going out on the social networks.

Tom’s Love Letters can be downloaded for free in Apple’s App Store and Google Play Large.

You can also download application Angela’s Valentine, which offers 10 different postcards – who, like Tom’s Love Letters can be shared either via email, Facebook or Twitter.

Download Angela’s Valentine for free in Apple’s App Store and Google Play Large.

Would you like another Valentine’s Day decorations on your smartphone, then all application stores filled with assorted Valentine ringtones, themes, wallpapers, games and whatever else the heart desires.


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