Here Is the Price of Microsoft Surface in Denmark

Microsoft Surface with Windows RT landing in Denmark on Thursday. Here is what it will cost and where to buy it.

Microsoft Surface with Windows RT will hit stores Thursday, 14. February in Denmark.
Customers are given the opportunity to purchase the product with either 32 or 64 GB of memory, with or without Touch-cover, a cover with a built-in keyboard.

Microsoft has gone quiet with the doors when it comes to price, but sources in the industry evaluates our site, opposite to Microsoft Surface with 32 GB without Touch-cover, will hover around 3,999 crowns. You can view the current prices at our site.

Prices on Surface

We have listed price reviews below.

-Microsoft Surface 32 GB, stand alone: 3,999 crowns
-Microsoft Surface 64 GB, stand alone: 4,800 dollars

-32 GB, with Microsoft Surface Touch-cover: 4,800 dollars
-64 GB, with Microsoft Surface Touch-cover: 5,600 crowns.

In the case of recommended retail price, that may change when the sale starts.

Great interest for Surface-here it can be bought

Microsoft previously announced that the chains Expert, Computer City and Fona come to sell Surface. But on Monday afternoon closed also Elgiganten an agreement with Microsoft.

-“Our expectations are high and comes from the feedback we have received from customers, especially those on Facebook, as well as what has been written in the media. So that the Surface has been hyped a share prior to the launch, “says Jan Kirkedal, Sales Director of Elgiganten, to our site.

He believes there is a possibility that the Surface can compete with iPad. But his assessment is that there is enough going 1-2 years before Microsoft’s sales figures comes near it is seen on Apple’s iPad.


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