Here Is the ‘Do It Yourself’ Solution to Poor Cellular Coverage

If you live somewhere with poor or no mobile coverage, you can set up your own network, so you are always online.

Do you live in a corner of the Kingdom, where there is poor or no mobile coverage, you can even do something to get back online.

One of our site readers have reported problems with lacked mobile coverage and therefore recommended a second reading a solution that we here brings in brief.

By utilizing a broadband connection and opportunities of the Internet, you can both get online and receive phone calls again.

You need basically a broadband connection and a wireless router. Once you have connected your phone to the wireless router, you can via broadband connection again get on the internet and surf, check email, play and so on.

When it comes to phone calls, it requires a little bit more. Here you need a VoIP service such. Skype.

You install Skype on your smartphone, create an account and now it should be possible to receive calls via Skype.

However, you can benefit greatly by mapping a landline number to your Skype account, as others with a regular phone just call when they need to contact you.

When you need to call out via Skype, mobile and landline numbers, it requires a subscription. There are many different subscription types, each in their own way combines domestic and international telephony with fixed prices or refueling as on a prepaid card.

You can see more about using Skype and the various types of subscriptions at our site

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