Google’s Modular Phone Launches in January 2015

Already early next year will Project Ara translate into a physical device ready for purchase for just $ 50.

One of the most notable projects in the mobile world in this time, is Google’s project Ara who is to make a phone built up of small modules that can be replaced at will.

Google has at a development conference just unveiled for an expected launch date, already at the beginning of next year, according to Google could acquire the first model for a price of 50 dollars (270.0-NOK).

For the money you get a frame, a display, Android operating system, a processor and a WiFi module, then you can buy any of the modules you desires, such as camera or QWERTY keyboard.

Launches in dull grey

The first model to be launched in a dull gray color and is called the Gray Phone. The color is chosen as being bland on purpose explains Google because it should encourage people to adapt it.

Google has recently unveiled a Modular Software Development Kit that provides a lot of detail about the development of the new modules, but there is still some work to be done before the first phone can see the light of day. For example, supports Project Ara Android, but Android does not support dynamic hardware today-and since it should be possible to hot-swap modules, it is a requirement that Android will be updated with, among other things, required drivers

The leader of the project Paul Eremenko tells “it is true that Android does not support dynamic hardware today, the good news is that we are a Google” which suggests that he at least is not in doubt that it probably should be reached early next year.

As previously promised, Google will try to keep the hands from the project after the database is launched, Eremenko tells that Google expects to be finished with Project Ara until april next year. It will therefore be up to third party developers and manufacturers to pursue the project with modules and Google will only support the ecosystem.


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