Google Launches Project Ara Development Competition with 100,000 Dollars in Prize

A contest about 100,000 dollars to get those little grey to work overtime with developers interested in creating modules for Project Ara.

On the second day of the Project’s Development Conference lifted project leader Paul Eremenko blurred for a competition that will help to boost the ideas of the many developers, who after Google release the reins will help to carry the project forward.

First prize is $ 100,000 (about 540,000 Danish kroner) and can be won by getting on the best idea for a module to the Project Ara. The module is assessed on novelty, functionality, elegance, quality and commercial potential.
The two next best ideas receive a trip with everything paid for up to three people for the next Project Ara Conference and is guaranteed hardware for the development of their project.

The competition will officially start to may in which Google will have 100-200 prototype units ready for developers, with completion in mid-september. This means that there is not a long time to prepare, but as Eremenko mentions “time pressure gives innovation of higher quality”.

Developers are expected to make a functional module to the prototype with a design, that follows the applicable standards described in Module Development Kit and must also make the necessary drivers and applications to test the module.

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