Google: All or Nothing

In the wake of the lawsuit between Samsung and Apple have been focusing on Google’s MADA-agreements.

In Samsung’s latest lawsuit against Apple, Samsung has used the Google MADA-agreements as part of its defence, in order to send the search giant remains undisturbed buck shoulder. MADA-agreement means that Samsung doesn’t quite even determine which apps you want included in your phone.

MADA stands for Mobile Application Distribution Agreement, and it determines that if you want a service from Google, then you should have the whole package.

For example, one may not be allowed as a manufacturer to install YouTube and Gmail as default, without also being required to install the Newsstand “and a bunch of other apps.

In addition, there are also other conditions in games in MADA-agreement. Not surprisingly, Google, for example, must be the search engine, just as some locations of apps and functions are predetermined by Google.

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