Gigaset DX800A

All in one: the phone system Gigaset DX800A ensures order and comfort as complete attendant in the small office.

  1. Gigaset DX800A
  2. Include mobile phone via Bluetooth

Nothing is as old as the technology of yesterday – this applies not least to the Telecommunications infrastructure. Where recently ISDN State of-the-art war, is today increasingly chatted about Internet telephony (VoIP).

It’s good if the Office equipment unproblematic can adapt to the changing needs and trends. With the DX600A, Gigaset has embarked on the right path and brought a corded ISDN phone on the market, which is unparalleled: it also houses a DECT base with answering machine and offers also a LAN connection to the Kontaktabgleich with the PC next to a fax, headset and Bluetooth interface. The all-rounder cannot do anything with just the subject of VoIP.

The now published DX800A closes this gap. The newcomer is hardly be distinguished visually by the little brother and has donated in addition to the mentioned VoIP functionality even more goodies get, making it final to the all-in one solution.

Open to all connections

For example, an analog connection. He’s disappeared from many office environments, but still widely used in private households and small businesses. And so it is not a good idea if the Office telephone with analogue, ISDN and VoIP all connection types supported.

Another advantage of the new Gigaset trades: A built-in LAN switch with two LAN jacks. It connects an output with the router, on the other, the PC is docked, the phone hangs in the middle.

What’s the point? Comfort: Because with the included free quick-sync software you can transfer up to 1000 Outlook address data over the network on the phone; in the previous version, this was possible only via Bluetooth.

Thus also the electoral assistance via Ethernet works: simply click the desired Outlook contact on the receiver, then click “Begin call” – and already the DX800A dials, eliminates the annoying tap. Frequent domestic callers a real plus!

A pity, however, is that no dates are synchronized to on birthdays. Also deposited caller images are not automatically applied, but must be manually imported into the Gigaset and associated. All in all worked the data synchronization with Outlook 2007 on a Windows XP machine but neat.

Upgraded has been from the beginning to the Bluetooth – interface in the DX800A – via free firmware update you can bring them in the DX600A on the current state. The advantage: While one could connect previously only his PC or a headset with the telephone, there is now the function “Link2mobile”, the book can also be mobile.

So you can do – either by corded handset or via the DECT handset calls to and from mobile phone over the DX model. In areas with poor cell phone reception, the phone can be, for example on the window and it is still reachable.

Also, you can leverage a mobile flat rate may be booked and save telephone charges. The interplay worked quite well in the test with an iPhone 4. However, the voice quality through the frequent transcoding (DECT, Bluetooth, GSM) and the already high weak GSM codec significantly lower fixed network is. Another peculiarity: the Bluetooth pairing with the DX800A shortened when the iPhone battery life significantly.

The quick dial buttons on the right side of the device are indeed practical, because with phone numbers, they can or show functions. However, it is incomprehensible that no call forwarding save can be – so you could redirect incoming calls with a push of a button on the phone when you leave the Office.

It would be even more innovative, if one could define, that the DX800A activated the call forwarding on your phone if the phone not within Bluetooth range. But, finally, it can be update the software and firmware on the device, so that Gigaset can subsequently add more features and fix bugs.

Internet telephony de luxe

The Internet telephony runs great, by the way: six SIP accounts can be easily via Web interface on the computer set up, the customer can at the same time lead four VoIP calls – thanks to CAT-iq similar technology in HD quality, with appropriately certified zukaufbaren handsets, as well as the corded handset. Handsfree works also in rarely heard quality – thanks to high-volume sound reflex box and a separate speaker.

And how can this feature diversity be operated? Pleasantly simple: The 3.5-inch, backlit TFT display informed in legible typeface with marked contrast on the operating conditions, thanks to the perfectly functioning 5-way navigation control works perfectly. The large, but unfortunately not illuminated keypad left a very good impression.

Ideal solution for SOHO

Anyone looking for a powerful and easy-to-use telecommunications solution with IT connectivity for the small office, is well advised with the Gigaset DX800A. Only some minor software flaws and improper implementations tarnish the comfort in some few applications. The bottom line, the business-Gigaset has earned a clear purchase recommendation.


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