Garmin Nuvi 2360 LT

With 230 euro is the nuvi 2360 LT outgrown even the beginners class – and sweeps neat points.

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The Garmin nuvi 2360 LT for 229 euros to predict a successful future, is not a risk – it combines all innovations that Garmin brought to the market in the past.

This includes the new menu that with further improved the already very simply-built Garmin menu on the page of options button appears. Also the maps with elevation model as well as the extensively photographed and therefore extremely realistic PhotoReal-3-D junction views are included in the Garmin nuvi 2360 LT.

Equipment champion

But it goes even further: the voice control familiar from the design model 3790 T turns on demand active and offers the available command options open in a window that appears. In practice the speech input works quite well – cities and streets can be dictated to the piece.

Another option the 2360 LT of the 3790 inherited: the automatic switching in the Hochkant-mode. You can see much more from the road in direction of travel. And the premium TMC by NAVTEQ traffic is on board; the TMC receiver is somewhat bulky but unfortunately as a plastic box in the charging cable and requires still a small TMC dipole antenna – this could solve the manufacturer more elegant.

And even more highlights: a pedestrian mode with optional public transport cards, the eco-route with their consumption estimate, a Bluetooth hands-free system and the route calculation n├╝Routes, the current daily traffic data (“traffic trends”) and a traffic forecast with returns in the calculation.

Spoilt for choice

So equipped, the practice test should be a problem – and he promptly persuaded thanks to the heavily revised and more detailed map display. Visually is the Garmin nuvi 2360 LT now a source of joy, the overview is true, and the whole thing’s also fun.

The Narrator drops something, not due to lack of precision, but because the play was somewhat listless and washed out – here, a slightly zackigere voice would be wise.

The route calculation succeeded with enabled traffic trends more slowly as used by Garmin and led, as with the smaller model 2240 LT, without this option in the city sometimes in odd ways. But not undermined the system blunders.

With the nuvi 2360 LT, Garmin delivers a system that plays quite far forward.

Data sheet

The read setting monitor contrast / angle /
Alternative route / manual storage function /
Show current street name / next /
Display distance / time to destination /
dynamic navigation TMC / TMC Pro / GSM / /
Color display / diagonal screen size (inch) / 4.3
Map / 3D /
Crossing / auto zoom /
Representation of the arrow / map can /
Route choice short / fast /
Route exclusion toll roads / ferries /
Speed dial / configurable /
Additional cards available
Number of special target groups 12
Travel guide function / include /
Custom POIs / POI warning function can be used /
Track info text & map /
Destination input house number / intersection / postal code / /
Destination entry POI location / destination /
Destination entry milestones
Destination entry letter suppression / selection /
Destination input map / coordinates /
Destination entry last destinations (more than one)
Target store editable
Interfaces BT USB
Total storage / memory space (MB) internally 4000
Connectivity accessories
Audio sound control / DSP /
CC / CD / MP3 / /
DVD-video / DAB / DVB-T / /
Email / SMS functionality /
GSM connection possible / integrated /
Telematics features analog / digital /
Image / video Viewer / camera / /


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