Galaxy photography Sony Sensors S7 and S7 Edge Proprietary Audio Chip and Use IMX260

Much has been said about the new camera from Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. Samsung has stepped back from the usual run-up to megapixels, opting for a 12 MP sensor with larger pixels, improved auto focus and a wider aperture can improve the quality of the shots, especially in low light.

Until a few weeks before the presentation, there were large photographic evidence on which modules would use Samsung for its new flagship, has repeatedly talked about the new Samsung BRITECELL sensors, but have always been very few certainties.

Well, this doubt was dissolved by hours, not only because this year the Korean manufacturer will diversify not photographic sector as with Galaxy S6- Samsung seems to use two different photo sensors on the Galaxy S6 -but it is definitely aimed at Sony, to equip two Galaxy S7 with new sensors IMX260.

Sensors are the same for all markets, same image quality and no disparities between the various models, at least for the photographic sector. Screenshots made using the tool AIDA64 were allowed to confirm not only that important data, but have also revealed the presence of aproprietary audio chip, developed by Samsung, Lucky ” CS47L91 Sound”, we’re going to deepen during review, through dedicated test about audio quality.

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