Galaxy Note 7 Battery Capacity

Samsung is preparing a patch that is automatically deployed on the Galaxy Note 7. Objective? Block recharge the battery to 60% of its maximum to avoid any incident.

Branding Samsung will suffer for a long time in the case of faulty batteries Galaxy Note 7 . While the camera was actually rather good impression during his presentation to the press, the discovery of a defect in the operation of lithium-ion batteries-which are likely to explode – was totally ruined the efforts of the south Korean brand.

Since then, we speak much of the policy followed by the Group to manage the crisis that the intrinsic strengths of PHABLET.

In this matter, we can only note that the firm does what it takes to make the necessary solutions. Not only concern was found, but also a reminder policy is in place to replace the faulty batteries. In parallel, the company disclosed on what to do, inviting its customers to not charge the phone, do not use it and put it out.

Because the recall process will take time and has not yet started, the company is concocting a temporary solution in software. The goal? Clamp the battery capacity to 60% of its maximum, to prevent a full load causes overheating, which could cause combustion or explosion.

The patch, which is to be deployed on 20 September, will be automatically installed on the terminals. This will be useful in case some customers have not heard of the problem that affects their smartphone. Autonomy is obviously going to take a hit, but better to lose a few hours of use rather than suffer burns to the face and hands.

When Samsung has completed the recall process, changed the faulty batteries and made smartphone owners, no doubt that clamping of the battery will be lifted. Only exception: Users who have not returned their phone manufacturer. They should continue to deal with a reduced load capacity.

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