First Press Photo of New HTC Range-Topping

It is expected that HTC will present their new top for an event next week – but first press photo is leaked.

There have been many rumors about the upcoming top model from HTC, which many expected would read the name HTC M7, but the latest rumors sounds to HTC sticks to the One-name and the top model only will be called HTC One. It believes Twitter-user our site, as previously leaked images of HTC One X +.

But here only a week before the HTC’s event in London and New York are the first press photo also leaked. Once again is the Twitter user our site, which is the source. It writes our site.

It looks like that there are two speakers on either side of the screen, giving a stereo sound experience while watching video in landscape mode. And the location of the speakers are expected to be good, often the speakers located on the back of the phone, so the sound “drowns” when one is a phone down. The phone also has three visible touch-buttons below the screen – back, HTC and home. What HTC button covers, however, is uncertain. The phone looks like it is made of aluminum.

Our site is present in London next week under HTC’s event.

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