First Impressions of the Apple iPad 2

Apple iPad sharply revised its successful tablet. connect the Super-flat iPad could look at 2 at the press conference in London.

  1. First impressions of the Apple iPad 2
  2. The hardware: Handy
  3. The software: iOS 4.3
  4. The Extras: Apps and accessories

Steve Jobs has entered the stage in San Francisco on March 2, itself, to the iPad 2 to present and prevent that speculation on his health, the iPad 2 is too much in the background. He made a quite vital impression and quite obviously enjoying the success of the iPad. Apple 2010 has sold 15 million units and already 65,000 for the iPad optimized applications on the app store. There actually is by far not a competitor can compete.

That jobs cost the own success, is of course to say: there is no reason for a revolutionary innovation. That those will not be disappointed, marvels expected from Apple in each presentation of the product.

The first contact with the iPad 2 shows also: iPad 2 is on the one hand, no more and no less than an improved iPad. On the other hand Apple attacked a lesson of competition thus again. While others bring just your first tablet on the market, Apple has collected already finished and already the second generation of the Tablet according to experience.

Taking the iPad 2 in the hand, are immediately tangible improvements when compared to its predecessor.

First, there is the remarkably flat design of 8.8 mm. The predecessor had 13.4 mm and works in direct comparison slightly larger than necessary. The backrest is made of aluminium, which ensures stability in addition to a noble appearance.

It seems iPad 2 filigree and yet robust. Apple has minimized the weight to about 100 grams. That sounds like, to keep the iPad 2 in the hand, it’s not much to feel. So, it can be even for a long time with one hand are still quite comfortable the Tablet, while the others on the touch screen is.

The screen has not clearly changed compared to its predecessor, however. The size is further at 9.7 inches, the presentation was brilliant and full of contrasts. What was on display in the first test but quickly recognizable, is the increased computing power.

The iPad 2 followed the gestures on the touch screen once again a tick faster than the first iPad and even faster than we have seen so far in the first Android 3.0 tablet Xoom by Motorola.

Apple has installed a processor referred to in new A5. This dual-core processor developed according to Steve Jobs to bring twice the computing power and the nine-time graphics performance than the previously used A4 – what is important for graphically complex games for movies but also for the appearance of the user interface and their responsiveness to input.

The endurance should have not changed this when compared to its predecessor. 10 hours shall be available on the iPad 2 can play around before it must be to the power outlet. On the question of whether because the battery has become larger or smaller, the Apple typical response came from the product presenters: we say what it can, say, not what it is. Of course, this could be the vulnerability of so slim tablets, the tests must show but only.

The devices were all stable, we have seen no software crashes. Apple wants iPad 2 already from March 11 to sell in the United States, from March 25 it will be available then also in Germany – at the same prices as the current iPad.

It is actually not the fancy hardware that is perfectly processed, but just the software that makes up the quality of the iPad.

And here, too, Apple has optimized vigorously. Including small things, such as the possibility of the automatic screen orientation with a switch at anytime can be found or to be able to switch off. In the settings, you can set whether the slide used previously only for the Stumschalten instead “to freeze the display orientation”.

The new version of iOS 4.3 is responsible for parallel to the iPad, 2 for the first iPad that iPhone and iPod touch will be introduced. This includes improving the browser, now faster JavaScript should run, but still no Flash support. In addition the possibility of movies from the computer to the iPad to stream 2.

Apple has integrated the video conferencing software FaceTime also was introduced with the iPhone 4. It offers iPad 2 now have two cameras, one on the back with HD resolution (720 p) and one on the front with VGA resolution. Apple has optimized the application for the large display and allows, for example, to move the own camera image appears on the screen.

The product demonstration, the link from London to an Apple employee in San Francisco worked stable and largely rucklfrei, also with the typical short delay.

Also photobooth is on board, a program that is meant for self portraits and provides lots of fun due to color and distortion effects.

In addition to the iPad and iOS 4.3 Apple introduced a few extras around the iPad. In addition to the two applications, which we know from Apple computers, also an original case.

iMovie and GarageBand for the iPad

In addition to the new features in the operating system Apple has presented two applications will be in the app store and the higher computing power of the iPad 2 claim. With iMovie, videos directly on the iPad can be cut and inferior with music or sound effects.

Garage band, also a program that you already know from Apple computers, is dedicated to music the theme again. Beginners can use so-called “smart instruments” go without any musical knowledge, without playing a wrong note. It offers advanced users virtual instruments as well as an eight track recording device.

As a special feature the keyboard or drums also respond to velocity as we know it from a real piano. Apple uses the built-in accelerometer to determine how vigorously a key was struck. We could not even try that because the iPad speaker for the hustle and bustle-product demonstration was too weak. It worked, however, impressive well at the live performance on the stage.

iMovie and 2 for $5 each in the AppStore are to the launch of the iPad to have garage band.

Multifunctional protective case

As an original and practical extra Apple has unveiled a smart cover with so-called protective case for the display almost clings by magnet to the display, which brings iPad automatically into sleep mode and turn on again, as soon as the cover is opened. The cover available in gaudy colors, can be but also as a stand for the iPad.


Total Apple has 2 with the iPad a successful product that has set new standards, improved once again in little as in great. Not yet vulnerabilities emerge, only a detailed test – show how such a weak stamina – will the iPad 2 will be similarly successful as its predecessor.

It should be available in Germany from March 24, to the the same price as its predecessor.


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