Fat Apple iWatch Concept-See the Pictures Here

If Apple has real plans to move in on the smartwatch-market, so must iWatch would like to look like this.

The market for wearables (wearable gadgets) is developing rapidly, and here is the so-called “smartwatches” (Smart Watches) particularly popular as extra gadget, since the phone’s features are made available from the wrist.

Until now, Apple has not presented a smartur, but rumors have long pointed in the direction that it is on the way. Sources say that Apple iWatch is getting ready for the fall, and that we should expect 2 different screen sizes to choose from.

In spite of speculation and distinct guesswork, so we haven’t seen leaked images of an Apple-clock from techgiganten. It does not, however, prevent the designers’ imagination with concept-images of an Apple clock. In this context, the our site found some cool pictures from Nermin Hasanovic, which of course we will share with you.

What say ye to the concept? Could you be interested?


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