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Who cares about the fashion must have already noticed that the transparency has conquered the catwalks, won the showcases, the main shops of the world and red carpets around the world.

And let’s face it. They have everything to do with the summer with the sensuality and daring of the hottest season of the year. From shirts to dresses, blouses and skirts, transparencies are entering the female wardrobe, conquering the hearts of women bolder.

Without doubt, the transparency allows refined, stylish and ultra-feminine productions, but to do so, however, you need to know to use the trend correctly, so don’t fall on vulgarity.

How to use transparent clothes without looking vulgar
A tip for those who want to bet on transparency on daily life is to choose pieces that don’t show much. For example, you can combine a delicate transparent blouse with a regatinha below, or use a dress with a transparent bar, or choose a t-shirt with very light transparency.
In the evenings, if you abuse a little more of the trend, it is possible to take a risk without fear. For example, If you wear shorter dresses and justinhos, you can even match them with more revealing blouses.
In other words, you can invest in transparency only in details, such as necklines, slits in dresses and skirts with shorter lining fluid, or you can leave the legs nude, and it is ideal to complement a t-shirt; besides, the bind off can be used in jewelry and precious stones. To night looks, the trend may be coupled with glitter and sequins. Overlapping parts in the same tonality make this more subtle.
Who wants to join the boldness of transparency with romanticism, the tip is to appeal to a more discrete look, such as a black lace dress.

Summer combines with small parts as well as a lot of skin showing, which may appear subtly, only through the tissues, and that’s the trend.
If you want to be mysterious and sexy, apply some transparent clothes, but without exaggeration.

In order to not fall into the vulgar, the tip is to opt for a more closed and discreet one.

Arguably, this trend has already reigned the world, and the transparent accessories are also becoming a hit. The transparent bags had been widely used in past decades, but now it is used in a stylish way. What is important to know is that these parts which is light and delicate can be used on several occasions.

And, of course, the shoes will be never out of fashion. And the cool thing is that they can not only make you charming, but also help to elongate the silhouette.

Meet beautiful heel shoes & transaparentes

Finally, transparency is a trend among everything. Here is an important thing that you should keep in mind: the biggest fashion is that you feel good with the clothes you’re wearing!

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