Fashion Rules for Wearing Stripes

They burst in the winter and now they are pumping too in the summer. Stripes, no matter the classic, black and white, or the colorful types, has won the hearts of celebrities, trendsetters and fashionistas, and now, you can see them in shirts, pants, dresses, etc. It is increasingly popular and conquering more and more devotees. And it’s worth everything, printed or featured motifs, thin or thick and geometric traits.

It’s always like that, in summer, the stripes remain steadfast and strong. Of course, the navy is no longer new, which is always expected in the hottest season of the year, but now it came together with stripes of all kinds.

Tips for wearing clothes with stripes in summer

Stripes exist in every summer, but this time, they are colored, thin, thick, unconnected and mixed; it’s worth everything in this season.

For a long time, they just appear on the international runways, but now it has arrived here, too.
And the trick from is to choose the most classic stripes for more formal events or office and invest in different versions for parties and casual situations.
Seen in virtually all the parades, they come with full force.

You can bet on the classic black and white model, but you can also venture ones of mixed color.
The secret is to know how to apply the stripes and get a lot out of them.

It is worth to remember that the horizontal stripes make you look more chubby, while the vertical stripes can create an illusion that you are slimmer, so you can choose vertical stripes without fear.

The stripes, which already have appeared in other seasons, became the protagonist in the SPFW Summer 2013.

They appeared in several ways: thick, thin, deconstructed, colored, black and white.
There is a rule when you use the stripes. The horizontal stripes will create an illusion of increased silhouette, and in other words, you will look more chubby!
Remember that the vertical stripes will elongate your silhouette!

However, it is necessary to take into consideration several things: the fabric, the clothes modeling, print size and common sense.

A tip is to combine it with the accessories, such as the bags, bijoux, scarves and shoes which are in contrasting color.

Are you ready to try the stripes?!

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