Facebook Begins Rollout of New “Find Friends” Feature

The social networking giant will now help users find friends who are nearby.

We told recently on our site about a new trend: Anti-social apps gaining ground. So there is talk about apps that via location can help to alert when annoying acquaintances is within reach.

Now Facebook has chosen to roll out a new “nearby friends” function, which as the name suggests, can notify about friends who are near your current location. It writes the Facebook in a press release.

Facebook also tells that the feature must be activated by both the sender and the recipient, as we already know this from Apple’s “Find Friends” app that offers a similar functionality. The app will then occasionally popping up with a notification about friends nearby.

Just as Apple’s “Find Friends” app, so you can also optionally allow the recipient must follow your precise location, and possibly put a time limit on this URf.eks. during a festival, or similar.

Our site has recently told that the Facebook app for the iPhone is to blame for the poor battery life, so it is to be feared that the new feature can pull the development in an unpleasant direction.

Facebook deploys the feature to us iOS and Android users over the next few weeks. Further they mention nothing about availability.


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