F Cable Wire World OASIS 6

The Wire World Oasis 6 NF (110 euros, 2 x 1 m) liked the testers already with the first notes, because it painted a very natural tone colors.

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As for his speaker cables, David Salz of Wire World goes its own way with cinch conductors. The Wire World Oasis has four overlapping head units of ten separately insulated copper wires 6 NF. He seemed to more Sonic potential than usual coax versions this construct. Also the hard silver plated and teflon insulated RCA plug with hollow-drilled signal contacts are exceptional.

The Wire World Oasis the testers liked 6 NF with the first notes. Because it painted a very natural tone colors and also had a such sensitive musicality, that of with the minimal open MXT London (test 4/04) drew even and secured a stereoplay highlight.

Wireworld OASIS 6 NF

Manufacturer Wireworld
Price €110.00
Rating 8.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

Length 0.5; 1; 1.5 meters and free Assembly bar
Plug Silver hollow plug
Building Multiple inner conductor
Outer conductor insulation PVC
Inner conductor insulation PE
Material and type of the inner conductor four leader groups with 10 solid copper wires
Material and type of shielding
Measured values
Series inductance
Series Inductivity 227.0 nH / m
Series resistance 85.6 mOhm /.
Parallel capacity 269 pF / m
Parallel drainage 0,0186 µS / m
Cable impedance
Sound enhancement
Sound tendency
Price performance
tested in issue: 2 / 11


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